Fox General will provide you with a sound record of construction integrity and customer service.  Which is why we invite you to compare us to any other commercial builder in the Midwest.  Because when you do, were confident that your builder of choice will be Fox General.

Fox General is a family run business that has provided our clients the dedication to each project large or small.

Fox General has the experience to apply the correct personnel to fit your project needs.

The success of each project has been possible, thanks to the combined expertise of Fox General's Contractor team that has been working together for years. It's a commitment cemented with face-to-face service, superior expertise and the unique ability to provide solutions. Fox General continues to build on its reputation for innovative designs and quality construction of resourceful refinements to your construction needs worthy of the New Millennium. An Owners confidence is very important to any project and it is our policy to have an "Open Work Ethic". During the construction process we encourage your review and comments. Open communication is critical to customer satisfaction.

"Everyone in this business has to provide good service. What service do we provide better than our competitors?" states Curtis Olson. "Our competitive advantage is extremely good knowledge and contact with key people. We are experts at getting deals done and are not afraid to say what we are thinking."

"Fox General has been as reliable as the proverbial stone", states Ted Kasemir, Restaurant Development Group.